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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions for Secure Connections

eApps® Hosting provides two approaches for implementing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. Our VyOS Network OS service provides a rock solid VPN which supports any IPsec compliant device, including iPhone VPN and Android VPN smart phones. We also support OpenVPN, a reliable and robust SSL based VPN service. We offer these two options because together they cover nearly every VPN hosting need. We want to be your VPN provider and believe we have the best, competitively priced VPN services that you will find.

IPsec VPN service using VyOS Network OS

VPN hosting

eApps Hosting provides a cost effective VPN solution featuring VyOS in a Xen Virtual Server in the Cloud. Our VyOS VPN service allows you to have a compliant IPsec Virtual Private Network tunnel without making an expensive investment in hardware and software. Prices start at less than $15 per month for an industrial strength IPSec VPN solution, a very competitive price compared to other VPN providers. VyOS is the open source fork of Vyatta, a commercial Linux-based network operating system which serves as a software security appliance for network routing, firewall, and VPN functionality. The eApps VyOS based VPN service can be configured in one of three modes:

Remote Access

The Remote Access (Client/Server) mode creates a tunnel between remote users and other servers inside or outside of the eApps network. This configuration is used to secure a private application service for a group of users.

Site to Site

This mode establishes a tunnel between your eApps VPN and a remote computing device. The configuration is used to support a secure transfer of data between two devices. The end points can be external to the eApps network.


The Internet Gateway mode allows for anonymous, encrypted Internet access. This configuration is used to ensure private web browsing and access to the Internet for a user. Traffic to/from the VPN and user is encrypted.

Get Started Today! Use our Create-A-Cloud® tool to select your Virtual Server with the VyOS Network OS Template. Your VPN service will be up and running in minutes!

SSL Based VPN Solution Using OpenVPN

OpenVPN hosting

eApps Hosting also provides a low cost Server to Remote Clients VPN hosting solution using OpenVPN, a leading open source application for creating secure tunnels using SSL/TLS encryption. OpenVPN is a supported eApps application.

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Our Sales department is here to answer any questions you have about the Virtual Private Network services and assist you in getting started. Our Create-A-Cloud® tool and Control Panel allow you create and provision a Virtual Server in the Cloud service immediately. Our Technical Support department is standing by 24/7 to assist you. Our goal is to be your VPN provider and to ensure your VPN hosting success! Click on the Chat NOW icon to the right for assistance.

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