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eApps - Load Balancing and Failover Experts since 2003!

eApps® offers Load Balancing and Failover hosting solutions to achieve a scalable, high uptime configuration for your mission critical application. Our configurations are reliable, economical, and designed to meet your specific needs. Our experts are available now to help you deploy your scalable, reliable solution in the eApps Cloud. Our load balancing and failover solutions include the following features:

high availability hosting Component Based
Our advanced configurations use private Virtual Servers as building blocks. Load balancing, failover and data synchronization are implemented using proven technologies including HAProxy, Pacemaker, and DRDB. The component approach is flexible, allowing for custom tailored solutions without the high cost of dedicated physical servers and network devices.

cloud hosting Cloud Platform
Our Virtual Servers run on a "True Cloud" platform, featuring OnApp, the leading Cloud management software for the hosting industry. Our Cloud platform provides an excellent foundation for mission critical sites because it is inherently reliable due to the built in recovery features.

load balancing security Security
An encryption wrapper around all data transmitted to and from the end user and front end servers can be achieved with stunnel. This allows for the sharing of an SSL certificate across all front end Virtual Server instances. An IPsec compatible Virtual Private Network (VPN) or custom firewall configuration can be added for additional security.

server failover Battle Tested Load Balancing
HAProxy performs the load balancing function, automatically handling the traffic routing to Virtual Servers in a cluster. Millions of users rely on HAProxy every day without realizing that it provides the power behind the busiest sites in the world, including Farmville, Twitter, Reddit, and other high activity sites. HAProxy has not had a single security incident in over thirteen years.

scaling solutions Ability to Scale
To meet increased computing demands, the Load Balancing solution can be scaled vertically by increasing the resources allocated to the Virtual Servers, or horizontally by adding Virtual Server instances. Our Cloud platform allows you to scale quickly and easily.

HAproxy Failover & Redundancy
Load Balancing can also be configured with Failover. Failover alone is often used to increase availability for an application. Our technicians have experience configuring failover using database replication, and file system synchronization using DRDB. We can help you implement automatic failover for load balancer, application server, and database server instances using Pacemaker.

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Best Value For Load Balancing & Failover Solutions

Your scalable, reliable solution can be implemented today! Our Virtual Server based component approach makes it fast and easy to implement a custom configuration to meet your needs for scalability and higher availability. Click on the Request Review button above to get a FREE assessment of your requirements from our experts.

If you know that you want to set up a basic cluster, you can create a Load Balancer by choosing a specialized OS template called Load Balancer Appliance from our store at Create-A-Cloud®. This template will deploy a single purpose Virtual Server running HAProxy for load balancing and SSL functions. A small Load Balancer costs less than $15 per month. The Load Balancer can be configured with minimal assistance from eApps technical staff.

For anything other than simple load balancing, we recommend that you speak with our experts. Just click on the Request Review button above and we will contact you to schedule your free consultation. The eApps professional staff will be pleased to answer your questions and, if appropriate, help you design and implement a custom configuration to meet your needs for scalability, reliability, and improved availability. For immediate on-line assistance, please click the CHAT NOW icon.

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