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Technical Environment - all plans run Linux, allow root access and have a control panel

Programming - all plans support PHP, Django/Python, Ruby on Rails, C++, Perl

CMS, eCommerce, Site Builder, Media

Mail Usage

Site Volume/Activity


Virtual Private Network (VPN) - add-on starts at $20 per month, contact Sales
High Availability Load Balancing and Clusters - add-on starts at $20 per month, contact Sales


General VPS PlansStarting atCompare
$9.90 Buy Now 
$19.80 Buy Now 
$29.70 Buy Now 
$45.00 Buy Now 
$63.00 Buy Now 
$81.00 Buy Now 
$108.00 Buy Now 
$157.50 Buy Now 
$225.00 Buy Now 
Enterprise Email PlansStarting atCompare
$0.00 Buy Now 
$0.00 Buy Now 
Reseller VPS PlansStarting atCompare
$40.00 Buy Now 
$60.00 Buy Now 
$80.00 Buy Now 
$100.00 Buy Now 
$150.00 Buy Now 
$200.00 Buy Now 
$47.00 Buy Now 
$67.00 Buy Now 
$87.00 Buy Now 
$107.00 Buy Now 
$157.00 Buy Now 
$207.00 Buy Now 
Dedicated PlansStarting atCompare
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