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eApps Dedicated Server Hosting


Our dedicated server hosting offering is geared to organizations that want server performance, network performance, network availability and technical support at a competitive price. We cater to organizations that want the assurance that their hosting provider is an expert in the managed server environment using the latest Cloud technologies. The following are some of the key benefits of the eApps® managed dedicated Cloud hosting service.

Server Performance - We offer top of the line dedicated servers using high peformance Intel Xeon Quad Core CPUs, name brand components, and fast DDR memory and high speed drives in a RAID configuration. Our experience is that the incremental cost of using the high performance hardware is a wise investment for dedicated web hosting.

Cloud Platform - We are experts in Cloud Hosting and use the latest, state of the art dedicated Cloud hosting technologies.

Network Performance - For optimal throughput, the choice of a backbone provider really matters.  That is why we selected Internap, the leading backbone provider, with unsurpassed ability to route traffic optimally and respond quickly to any type of network issue.  We also back our claim of high network throughput with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees network uptime, server uptime, latency, and customer service responsiveness.

Data Center and Server Availability - With multiple feeds from major backbone providers, redundant regenerated power, battery backup, and gas powered electric generators, our data centers, by Quality Technology Services, are designed for eCommerce grade hosting. Within the data centers, our network is designed and managed in-house to ensure performance and responsiveness.  Server availability is ensured using high quality, redundantly configured hardware. In the unlikely event that your server experiences a major failure, our superior hosting platform allows us to restore your environment in short order.

Technical Support - Price is what you pay once a month, but support is what you need every day. Our technical support staff is knowledgeable and responsive. We will give you the outstanding personal service you need.

Value and Predictability of Pricing - Low teaser prices are rampant in our industry. You buy and then you find that you don't have crucial services that you absolutely must have unless you pay more. We offer a full service package with the key services you need for a reasonable price.

Powerful Tools - Your server will be deployed with advanced tools that allow you to easily control everything on your server, including the operating system, web server, application server, database server and mail services. You also can control backups and other processes, and view your resource utilization statistics on line.

Managed Services - The following services are included with all dedicated cloud hosting plans:

  • 24/7 Support - Effective technical support by phone, chat, Email, or web form
  • Emergency Response - rapid response to automatic paging notification if the dedicated server is down
  • Hardware Maintenance - All parts and labor for hardware maintenance are included at no extra cost
  • Software Maintenance - Operating system software and a full list of popular applications and database management systems are maintained at no extra cost
  • Control Panels - Your choice of control panels allow you to administer all aspects of your server
  • Monitoring - Options for monitoring your server's performance and uptime are available
  • Large Data Transfer Allowance - ample allowances for traffic are included, with low prices for overages
  • Data Backups - Data backup are performed daily with a minimum of seven (7) days retention. The large backup space allowance is included at no extra cost
  • Full Control - Root access via SSH is provided. You also can control the server configuration, including administration of server firewall rules

Add-on Options - The following additional services can be added for a reasonable fee:

  • Site Monitoring - 24/7 monitoring and proactive notification to our support department and you, if site issues occur
  • Priority Support - Automatic escalation of your issue, with preferred status for issues affecting uptime
  • Enterprise Email - Our Enterprise Class eMail service, featuring Zimbra, is ideal for teams of knowledge workers on the go
  • Load Balancing and Failover - Cost effective Load Balancing and Failover solutions for mission critical sites, and sites that need maximum ability to scale
  • Virtual Private Network - IPsec compliant VPN solutions for secure access to your server

We have full service dedicated server offerings, as follows. All full dedicated plans are offered on a Buy or Lease basis, and are custom configured to meet your requirements. Both options include hardware maintenance.

Dedicated Plans



Full Dedicated Server, quad Xeon

from $365/month


Full Dedicated, dual quad Xeon plus

from $385/month


Full Dedicated, maximum configuration

from $395/month


WE MOVE FAST! Do you need a full dedicated server hosting solution immediately? We can have your account set up in short order! Our superior technology allows us to immediately provision your account on a virtual dedicated server (virtual machine), configured with the Operating System, application services and other options you choose. You can get started loading and configuring your site specific information on this virtual machine as an interim solution. Once the hardware is installed and the business agreement is finalized, we will migrate your environment from your virtual dedicated server to your new full dedicated server, with minimal down time! To get started, contact us and you will soon have access to your virtual dedicated server!

Our Sales department is here to answer any questions you have and assist you in getting started. Our Create-A-Cloud tool and Control Panel allow you to use the service immediately. Our Technical Support department is standing by 24/7 to assist you. We are here to ensure your Dedicated server hosting success! Click on the Live Chat icon to the right for assistance.

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