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Wildfly sets the standard for fast, lightweight, flexible, and stable Java application services. Formerly known as JBoss AS (Application Server), the renaming represents more than just a cosmetic change. According to an announcement by Red Hat, Inc., the commercial entity behind JBoss, "WildFly represents both a brand refresh for the project and a renewal of its vision to drive the next generation of application server technologies." WildFly 15 has now been released, validating that this strategy has been successful. eApps was one of the first providers of JBoss hosting services and even hosted JBoss.org for several of the early years. We are pleased to continue that long tradition by providing the same high level of services and support for WildFly hosting that we have provided to our many JBoss users over the years. We are experts in Java hosting and are dedicated to ensuring your WildFly hosting success.

Two Options For WildFly Hosting

We offer two great, high performance platforms for WildFly Server Hosting - Virtual Cloud Server (VCS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Feature PvC VCS PaaS
Account Level Resources
Fixed Pricing (1)
Usage Based Pricing
Adjustable Resources
Auto-scaling resources (2)
Base Managed Services
Managed Services Upgrade (3)
Multiple Data Centers
Fast Hypervisors
Fast Block Storage (SSD)
For Heavy Workloads
For Complex Deployments
Geo-Spanning Deployments (3) (3)
Linux Support
Windows Support
Docker Support (2)
Kubernetes Support (2)
Upload Images (4)
Plesk, cPanel/WHM options
Root access
API access
IDE integration
Git, SVN integration (2) (2)
Best for Java, PHP
Best for Python, Ruby, Node.js, Golang
(1) - Yes, by turning off auto-scaling
(2) - Can be enabled
(3) - Some exceptions, contact Sales
(4) - Using Docker
  - Option

Virtual Cloud Server (VCS)

This platform offers customizable, adjustable Virtual Cloud Servers with a set recurring bill, and included and optional managed services. Up to 64 GB RAM and 2 TB disk are supported. Click on the button below to create your custom Virtual Cloud Server, running Wildfly, with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Our PaaS is a next generation platform that supports auto-scaling and has advanced features for Dev/Ops, extensive apps and versions, support for Docker, and managed services. Designed for developers, rock solid for production. Click on the link below to start your 14 Day Free Trial of Wildfly in our PaaS.

Managed WildFly Hosting

eApps has been supporting Java hosting since 1999 with Apache Tomcat version 3. We were also one of the first providers to offer JBoss Hosting, in July of 2002. When you choose eApps for your WildFly hosting needs, you get more than an outstanding virtual server. You get a home for your Java application. Thousands of Java developers count on eApps Hosting for WildFly application hosting.

Try WildFly Hosting At No Risk!

Our Virtual Cloud Platform offers a 30 day money back guarantee. For any reason, if the service does not work for you we will refund your purchase for the hosting service with no questions asked. Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers a 14 Day Free Trial. There is no risk to you with either platform choice.

About WildFly Java Server

In April of 2013 Red Hat, Inc. introduced WildFly as the successor to the JBoss AS (Application Server) project. Red Hat stated that the change was made to address the need for the most flexible and modern approach possible for development of the software. They also emphasized the need to quickly embrace future Java Enterprise Editions. Red Hat also noted that the WildFly project would continue to serve as the upstream project for their JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

Since that time the WildFly project has been on the move. Version 8, the first major version since JBoss 7 was released in February of 2014, to much fanfare. WildFly 8 included major improvements in speed and flexibility, and achieved Java EE 7 certification. Now, WildFly 15 continues the legacy of providing a world class environment for development and operations of Java applications. It simplifies the building, testing and deployment of powerful Java applications AND is extremely efficient and easy to administer for large scale production use. The key benefits of WildFly are as follows:

Blazing Fast

Has an optimized boot process that rivals even Tomcat and Jetty for startup speed, and is proven to scale to over one million connections

Lightweight Memory Footprint

Many innovative techniques are used to manage memory and minimize heap allocations for classes and objects

"Best of Breed" Components

WildFly continues the JBoss tradition of leveraging the best OSS projects, including Hibernate, Narayana, Arquillian, Infinispan, IronJacamar, RESTEasy, Weld, HornetQ, JGroups, Mojarra, Apache CXF, and more

Standards Support

Implements Java EE 7. Web development standards for Web Sockets, restful API, and connectivity are supported. Fault tolerance, clustering, session replication, and web proxying are also built into the base layer

Powerful Administration

An efficient and easy to use web administration console is included. Management capabilities also include CLI, native Java API, HTTP/JSON based REST API, and a JMX gateway.


Using a modular approach to class loading, optimized class management hides server implementation classes and only loads classes needed by the application

Domain Management

WildFly can be launched in two modes - domain mode (multi-server) and standalone mode (single instance)

We Are Your WildFly Partner

Our Sales department is here to answer any questions you have and assist you in getting started with WildFly server hosting. Our Technical Support department is standing by 24/7 to assist you. We are here to ensure your WildFly hosting success! Call or click on the Chat link for assistance.

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Managed WildFly Hosting

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We offer highly effective included, and optional, managed services. We also offer custom services for security, clusters, and Geo-spanning load balancing for high availability.

Included Managed Services
  • Redundant SSD Storage
  • DDoS Protection
  • Site Accelerator (CDN)
  • Web App Firewall (WAF)
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Resource Monitoring

Optional Managed Services
  • Managed Backups
  • First Responder
  • Priority Support
  • SSL Optimization

Additional Services
  • Enterprise Backups
  • VPN Solutions
  • DB Clusters
  • Load Balancing
  • Geo-spanning HA
  • Server Hardening
  • Optimization and Tuning

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