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Liferay Portal CE is recognized as the "Best Open Source Portal" in the world for good reason. Liferay Portal server, community edition, offers arguably the most popular Enterprise grade open source Portal solution available today. Liferay Portal CE is powerful, comprehensive, and extendable. It uses a building block approach, and leverages an array of products, frameworks, and libraries. eApps is pleased to offer Liferay Portal hosting on both of our advanced Cloud hosting platforms.

Liferay Portal server is all about choice. This award winning solution has a broad feature set that allows you to gain a rapid return on investment for many purposes including self-service portals, knowledge sharing, dynamic web sites, social networks, and integration with Enterprise applications. Liferay Portal adheres to open standards and supports all major lightweight scripting technologies. Sophisticated requirements are met easily with support for collaboration and sharing, social networking, web publishing, document management via Microsoft Office® integration, and more. Liferay Portal, named a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Products, has been downloaded over million times and has hundreds of thousands of deployments. Go with the leaders - Liferay Portal and the eApps® Liferay Portal Hosting service!

Two Options for Liferay Portal Hosting

We offer two great, high performance, platforms for Liferay Portal hosting — Virtual Cloud and Platform as a Service.

Feature PvC VCS PaaS
Account Level Resources
Fixed Pricing (1)
Usage Based Pricing
Adjustable Resources
Auto-scaling resources (2)
Base Managed Services
Managed Services Upgrade (3)
Multiple Data Centers
Fast Hypervisors
Fast Block Storage (SSD)
For Heavy Workloads
For Complex Deployments
Geo-Spanning Deployments (3) (3)
Linux Support
Windows Support
Docker Support (2)
Kubernetes Support (2)
Upload Images (4)
Plesk, cPanel/WHM options
Root access
API access
IDE integration
Git, SVN integration (2) (2)
Best for Java, PHP
Best for Python, Ruby, Node.js, Golang
(1) - Yes, by turning off auto-scaling
(2) - Can be enabled
(3) - Some exceptions, contact Sales
(4) - Using Docker
  - Option

Virtual Cloud Server (VCS)

This platform offers customizable, adjustable Virtual Cloud Servers with a set recurring bill, and included and optional managed services. Up to 64 GB RAM and 2 TB disk are supported. Click on the button below to create your custom Virtual Cloud Server, running Liferay Portal, with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Our PaaS is a next generation platform that supports auto-scaling and has advanced features for Dev/Ops, extensive apps and versions, support for Docker, and managed services. Designed for developers, rock solid for production. Click on the link below to start your 14 Day Free Trial of Liferay Portal in our PaaS.

Managed Liferay Portal Hosting

You expect a fast, scalable, high uptime hosting environment for your Liferay Portal application. We deliver that environment, and the pro-active support services that you need. Thousands of demanding customers around the world count on the eApps Liferay Portal Hosting service.

Try eApps Liferay Hosting at No Risk!

Our Virtual Cloud Platform offers a 30 day money back guarantee. For any reason, if the service does not work for you we will refund your purchase for the hosting service with no questions asked. Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers a 14 Day Free Trial. There is no risk to you with either platform choice.

Liferay Portal Features

Liferay Portal serves as more than a standard compliant portal application, it is also a world class content management system and exceptional collaboration and social media environment. The developers of Liferay Portal are in tune with the latest advancements in web technologies and receive the highest marks for delivering the tools to allow their users to take advantage of them. Some highlighted features, of the many included, are:

Simplified UI development

A single presentation layer, personalized by user, that provides for seamless integration of all functions

Extensive Tools

Over 60 tools for customization, publishing, content management, workflow, collaboration, social networking, and more

Integration Framework

Supports multiple methods for integration with external systems

Secure Single Sign On (SSO)

Aggregate and access content in one place via a single, secure login

Workflow Framework

Incorporate workflow and custom workflow paths using a powerful framework and API

Web Publishing

Full management and access control of an enterprise wide document and image repository

Live Page Editing

Ability for users to edit and preview web page changes, with version control

Document Conversion and Uploads

Simple and flexible file management, with multiple format support

Rich Text Editors

Built in easy to use and powerful rich text editors

Web Content Structures and Templates

User templates allow for rapid and easy web page creation

Collaboration Features

Extensive collaboration tools including blogs, knowledgebase, wikis, message boards, Instant Messaging, email, shared calendars, and more

We Ensure Your Liferay Portal Success

Our Sales department is here to answer any questions you have and assist you in getting started with Liferay Portal hosting. Our Technical Support department is standing by 24/7 to assist you. We are here to ensure your Liferay Portal hosting success! Click on the Chat link, or contact Sales, for assistance.

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Managed Liferay Portal Hosting

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Why eApps?

We offer highly effective included, and optional, managed services. We also offer custom services for security, clusters, and Geo-spanning load balancing for high availability.

Included Managed Services
  • Redundant SSD Storage
  • DDoS Protection
  • Site Accelerator (CDN)
  • Web App Firewall (WAF)
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Resource Monitoring

Optional Managed Services
  • Managed Backups
  • First Responder
  • Priority Support
  • SSL Optimization

Additional Services
  • Enterprise Backups
  • VPN Solutions
  • DB Clusters
  • Load Balancing
  • Geo-spanning HA
  • Server Hardening
  • Optimization and Tuning

On-Ramp Assistance
Our goal is to ensure your success. We will help you get your app or site deployed, usually at no additional charge.

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