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WildFly is the new name for JBoss AS (Application Server). The renaming represents more than just a cosmetic change. According to an announcement by Red Hat, Inc., the commercial entity behind JBoss, “WildFly represents both a brand refresh for the project and a renewal of its vision to drive the next generation of application server technologies.” Now that WildFly 8 has been released, we agree that this strategy has been successful. The first official version of WildFly is fast, efficient, flexible, powerful, and is Java EE 7 certified. eApps is a long time supporter of JBoss. We have provided JBoss hosting services and support for JBoss for over 12 years, and even hosted for several years. We are pleased to continue that long tradition by providing the same high level of services and support for WildFly hosting that we have provided to our many JBoss users over the years.


Our Virtual Server in the Cloud hosting provides a 64 or 32 bit Xen Virtual Server, with full control of RAM, DISK and CPU. You are free to install applications using an easy to use control panel, or by using the command line. But with eApps you get more. Your WildFly server and other key applications are provided from an eApps maintained application repository and other source libraries. These up to date applications can be installed with a few clicks via the control panel. User Guides for deployment are provided and are fully supported by eApps Hosting's 24/7 technical support staff, at no additional cost.


eApps has been supporting Java hosting since 1999 with Apache Tomcat version 3. We were also one of the first providers to offer JBoss Hosting, in July of 2002. When you choose eApps for your WildFly hosting needs, you get more than an outstanding virtual server. You get a home for your Java application. Thousands of Java developers count on eApps Hosting for the following reasons:

  • Great Technical Support, when you need it - Responsive, effective 24/7 phone/chat/email support from live, human experts. Don't take our word for it, review the eApps customer testimonials to see what our customers have to say
  • Up to date versions - Easy access to the latest versions of Java and the WildFly application server through an efficient repository based delivery system
  • Reliable, high performance Java hosting - Unparalleled uptime and high performance in a reasonably priced 64 bit Xen Virtual Server
Key Features

Latest Java EE versions, including EE 7

Xen Virtual Server Hosting in True Cloud

MySQL or PostgreSQL

Leading ISPmanager Control Panel

java hosting WildFly application server


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee with our service, giving you a risk free way to check out the capabilities of the service and our commitment to support. A list of the major features you can expect follows:

  • 64 or 32 bit Xen Virtual Server - Your own service, with a private Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and a private instance of all services
  • Up and Running Fast - Choose the OS template with bundled WildFly and be running within minutes! Install your database server and other applications with a few clicks via your Control Panel
  • Easy to use ISPmanager control panel - Powerful, easy to use control panel included at no extra cost
  • Full Resource Control - eApps is one of the few hosting providers that lets you control CPU, RAM, and disk, individually, at any time. Check out our Create-A-Cloud® tool
  • Best Support - 24/7 phone, world-wide toll free phone via Skype VoIP, chat, web form and email technical support by WildFly application server experts!!!
  • Java Service Wrapper - Our builds include the Java Server Wrapper, from Tanuki Software, which performs an automatic JVM restart for maximum uptime
  • User Guides - Our WildFly Hosting User Guide provides step by step instructions on how to deploy your Java application
  • Web Server options - Run with the built-in, super fast "Undertow" webserver, or integrate with Apache using mod_jk or mod_proxy_ajp
  • Database support - Your own MySQL or PostgreSQL environment, with Java database connectors
  • Root access - Install your own components as needed, manage your Virtual Server using CLI.
  • Robust programming environment and tools - Support for PHP, Perl, Python, C/C++ and Ruby on Rails
  • Private Mail Server - Your own SpamExperts filtered private mail server
  • Load Balancing, Failover Hosting and Security options - Cost effective Load Balancing, Failover and IPsec compliant VPN solutions are available
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In April of 2013 Red Hat, Inc. introduced WildFly as the successor to the JBoss AS (Application Server) project. Red Hat stated that the change was made to address the need for the most flexible and modern approach possible for development of the software. They also emphasized the need to quickly embrace Java Enterprise Edition 7 (Java EE 7). Red Hat also noted that the WildFly project would continue to serve as the upstream project for their JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

Since that time the WildFly project has been on the move. Version 8, the first major version since JBoss 7 was released in February of 2014, to much fanfare. WildFly 8 included major improvements in speed and flexibility, and achieved Java EE 7 certification. WildFly 8, in our opinion, provides a world class environment for development and operations. It simplifies the building, testing and deployment of powerful Java applications AND is extremely efficient and easy to administer for large scale production use. The key benefits of WildFly are as follows:

  • Blazing Fast - has an optimized boot process that rivals even Tomcat and Jetty for startup speed. For production use, WildFly includes Undertow, a high performance web server, proven to scale to over one million connections
  • Lightweight Memory Footprint - many innovative techniques are used to manage memory and minimize heap allocations for classes and objects, and there is now a 100% stateless administration console that uses zero server memory
  • Modular - optimized class management hides server implementation classes and only loads classes needed by the application
  • Latest Standards Support - implements Java EE 7, the latest enterprise Java standard. Web development standards for Web Sockets, restful API, and connectivity are supported. Fault tolerance, clustering, session replication, and web proxying are also built into the base layer
  • Powerful Administration - an efficient and easy to use web administration console is included. Management capabilities also include CLI, native Java API, HTTP/JSON based REST API, and a JMX gateway.
  • Domain Management - WildFly can be launched in two modes - domain mode (multi-server) and standalone mode (single instance)
  • "Best of Breed" Components - WildFly continues the JBoss tradition of leveraging the best OSS projects, including Hibernate, Narayana, Arquillian, Infinispan, IronJacamar, RESTEasy, Weld, HornetQ, JGroups, Mojarra, Apache CXF, and more


Our Sales department is here to answer any questions you have and assist you in getting started. Our Create-A-Cloud® tool and Control Panel allow you to use the service immediately. Our Technical Support department is standing by 24/7 to assist you. We are here to ensure your WildFly hosting success! Click on the Chat Now icon to the right for assistance.

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