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Parallels Plesk control panel

					Plesk control panel The Parallels Plesk control panel is a complete web hosting control system, offering both system administration and web host management features in a fully integrated package. Plesk 12 is available in four editions for Linux and Windows. All editions include powerful server administration features and access to the APS (Application Packaging Specifications) standard library. Additional features are included, by edition, to support a wide range of server administration and hosting management needs. The editions of Plesk 12, described below, support basic web site management all the way up to Reseller management with a complete suite of functions for subdividing and reselling services on the Virtual Server.

Parallels Plesk 12 Editions Comparison

Parallels Plesk 12 is shipped in four editions optimized to specific needs.

  • Web ADMIN Edition - for Web Admins, who manage sites for an employer, a business, or for themselves. They want simple website and domain management without all of the service provider overhead, like management of customers, resellers or subscriptions.
  • Web APP Edition - for Web App Developers, who build and deploy web applications. They want powerful server management tools for custom application development and deployment.
  • Web PRO Edition - for Web Professionals, who designed, developed, and deployed their websites. They want a simple way to manage their customers' websites, including their growing use of WordPress as a CMS platform.
  • Web HOST Edition - for "Traditional" Web Hosters, who allow their customers to use their shared account in almost any configuration they want. They want secure WordPress and domain management tools to support their multi-tenant, "install anything" customers.

Service Provider Management
Reseller Management
Subscription Management
Account Management
User Interface
Power User View
(Server + Site Admin)
Custom View Management
(Server + Site Admin)
User Features
WordPress Toolkit
Developer Pack
(PgSQL, MSSQL, Tomcat, ColdFusion)
Plesk Mobile Manager (iPhone & Android devices)
Security Features
Security Core* with ModSecurity Rules by Atomicorp. Upgrade to Security Core "Complete" for $10/month. Comparison
ServerShield™ by CloudFlare
Outbound Antispam
Domains & Use case Up to 10 domains for hosting your own sites Up to 5 domains for hosting web applications Up to 30 domains for hosting customer sites Unlimited domains for hosting & reselling unmanaged sites

Note: *The Security Core with ModSecurity is only supported on the Linux OS at this time. Support for the Windows OS will be added when ModSecurity is officially supported on IIS by the ModSecurity developers.

All editions include one language pack. Additional language packs are available for $3/month each. For more information about the Plesk 12 control panel visit the Plesk product page at For a demo of the four editions, go to the Plesk demo page. eApps offers Plesk for both Linux and Windows.

Our Sales department is here to answer any questions you have and assist you in getting started. Click on the Chat Now icon to the right for assistance or go our Create-a-Cloud® configuration tool and build your Virtual Server with Plesk now!

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