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Cloud Hosting Control Panel Choices


eApps® provides the leading hosting control panels for your use. Each hosting control panel allows you to administer sites, mail services, applications, and perform other system administration functions. An overview of each of the choice follows:

ISPmanager by ISPsystem ISPmanager 5, by ISPsystem, is one of the leading control panels in the hosting industry. The built in site wizard helps you create your sites and users quickly. Manage your sites, configure settings, and perform system administration functions on your Virtual Server using a user friendly web interface. ISPmanager has a very low resource usage profile and DOES NOT conflict with the operating system configuration. The control panel runs on its own port, ensuring that you can access your server without depending on web services. Our customized version of ISPmanager is bundled with the Operating System and provides access to the eApps Application Repository. Customers can install and administer applications for mission critical deployments, with 24x7x365 support by eApps experts. Best of all, ISPmanager is available in the eApps Cloud service at NO EXTRA COST! For more information, visit our ISPmanager information page. eApps Hosting is a Certified Partner of ISPsystem.

cPanel control panel cPanel with WHM (web host manager), by cPanel, is one of the most popular hosting control panels available today. cPanel provides an intuitive user interface to perform system administration on your Virtual Server, while WHM allows you to create and manage separate accounts. Combined, they provide a powerful, yet easy way to manage all aspects of your hosting environment. cPanel/WHM is popular for Web Hosting Resellers because the WHM functions allow you to effectively subdivide the Virtual Server and if desired even bill each account for usage. For more information visit our cPanel/WHM information page.

Parallels Plesk
				control panel Parallels Plesk 12 offers the most complete and secure control panel available today. Four control panel editions are offered, providing a solution for everything from basic web site management to a full web hosting business environment. In addition to having an easy to use web interface, all editions include a mobile manager app for iPhones and Android devices. All editions also include advanced security features to aid in the protection of your Virtual Server from external threats. Plesk is available for both Linux and Windows. For more information visit our Plesk 12 control panel page.


The control panels are selected in conjunction with an OS template. When you choose an OS Template, you also have the option of choosing a Control Panel. Customers that want to use applications from the supported eApps Repository must choose a CentOS Linux template with ISPmanager. The OS templates page has more details. The following categories of OS Templates, and applicable Control Panels, are available in the eApps Cloud. To see the full list of OS Templates go to our Create-A-Cloud® tool, and use the OS Template drop-down list.

OS Templates and Control Panels

OS Template
CentOS Linux
Debian Linux
Ubuntu Linux

Yes (1)
By Request (2)
By Request (2)
By Request (2)

Yes (2)

Yes (2)
Yes (2)

(1) This choice is customized to provide access to the supported eApps Application Repository
(2) This choice provides access to applications according to the vendor's built in functionality

Our Sales department is here to answer any questions you have and assist you in getting started. Our Create-A-Cloud® tool allows you to use the service immediately. Our Technical Support department is standing by 24x7x365 to assist you. We are here to ensure your success! Click on the Chat Now icon to the right for assistance or submit our Contact Us inquiry form for more information.

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