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eApps Cloud Monitoring and Network Monitoring Systems

eApps® Hosting makes extensive use of Cloud Monitoring and Network Monitoring systems for internal and customer use. Our internal systems are valuable tools in helping us be proactive in addressing potential problems as well as be responsive when problems do arise. We also provide a basic website monitoring system and a complete server monitoring service for customers.


As part of our internal monitoring, each physical server is monitored for uptime and performance. Our goal is to ensure that each server has maximum uptime and operates within optimal performance thresholds. At no extra charge, the customer's Portal and Control Panel shows key performance metrics for memory, CPU, disk space, data transfer rates, and data traffic usage for all customer virtual machine and dedicated services. The Cloud monitoring processes provide real time and historical data. In addition to this included and free website monitoring system, the following optional services are available to customers.

  • Basic Website Monitoring – Our website monitoring system is commonly used to verify that a specific web page is accessible. The service is generally set up to read a string of text on a web page. The text on the page can be retrieved from a database, which will also verify that the database is operating properly. Alerts are sent to eApps technical support and customer designated representatives for action.
  • Enterprise Monitoring – Our most sophisticated server monitoring service monitors the uptime of a web page, and more. The service is set up to monitor memory, CPU, disk, data transfer rate, and other key resources of all of the customer's Virtual Machines from a common interface. The system will send an alert to eApps technical support and customer designated representatives for action whenever a resource falls out of tolerance. Also, the monitoring system collects usage statistics and produces graphs and reports showing historical resource usage.


In addition to our customer oriented website monitoring system, eApps Hosting makes extensive use of monitoring to ensure that our network and services are operational and meet our high uptime requirements. Our network monitoring and server monitoring service alerts us immediately whenever a device is down, as all monitoring services do. In addition, we use sophisticated monitoring techniques that tell us much more than whether a service is up or down. Our systems track, alert, and report resource and traffic usage for all devices and servers at a detailed level to provide the information needed to operate our network at the highest level of performance and throughput.

Our Sales department is here to answer any questions you have and assist you in getting started. Our Create-A-Cloud® tool and Control Panel allow you to create a Virtual Machine in the Cloud and use the service immediately. Our Technical Support department is standing by 24/7 to assist you. We are here to ensure your hosting success using an advanced cloud monitoring and website monitoring system! Click on the Live Chat icon to the right for assistance.

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